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F1 Debrief - LOL, Retweet! - Further launch coverage, plus driver signings, GP2 vs F1 and much more

Published by Christine

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This week we discuss CBeebies, ARCA, exclamation marks, red vs orange, James Allen’s awesome Twitter thing, Kamui Kobayashi and Canadian coverage.


Our sincerest apologies, but this is definitely a Twitter heavy show.

Good week / Bad week

It's been a good week for the BBC, as they keep Anthony Davidson, and got to launch nothing at all. It's also a good week for Paul di Resta who was confirmed at Force India. It's been a bad week for Christian Klien and Nelson Piquet Jr, though, who are still outside of Formula 1.

News and views

We have more launch coverage, with Toro Rosso revealing their year old Red Bull to the world during the test. Virgin Racing had an even worse time as their online launch didn't go very well at all, and even Twitter couldn't save them.

Also of note, testing was seriously popular which was unexpected, Twitter was huge, and Mercedes signed Heidfeld as their test driver.

Here's the updated table of our launch scores:

Team LaunchChristine's ScoreMr C's Score
Toro Rosso13
Virgin Racing-50


A voicemail from Nick leads us into a discussion of GP2 vs F1, we get constructive criticism over our content and my pronunciation, plus some thoughts on how teams do and don't declare their fuel weights. We also almost get distracted by talk of LOST.


There's a new rankings system in town, and it's based on some seriously technical algorithms, plus Kathi convinced Danny to start Fantasy WRC.