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F1 Debrief - Like the FIA listen - A review of the season with radio clips and randomness galore

Published by Christine

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A bumper show rounds up our review of the 2014 season, with a very useful hat of randomness. All the highlight and lowlight topics of the season were placed into the hat, and then we drew them out one by one to discuss how Formula One fared this year. Subjects up for discussion include Grosjean's Singapore meltdown, a clear case of home advantage and how early Vettel started to struggle.

We get a slightly more professional review of the season from Lukeh midway through the show, touching upon driver performance, the disappointments at the rear of the field, and an obligatory Rubens mention. Then we're back to dissecting the season with radio gold and a Susie sore point.

As with any season review, particularly a lengthy year like the one just gone, we're bound to have missed out something important. Let us know your favourite bits of the year or the moments you wish you could forget!

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