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F1 Debrief - Lars, I love you - A Korean GP roundup, with thoughts on the organisation and lack of fans

Published by Christine

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Coming up on this show, we discuss NASCAR field trips, giving the fans value for money (if there are any fans!), and likes and dislikes.


So little time to get this show out before the next race, is one of us a quitter?

Good week/Bad week

It has been a good week for Frank Williams who not only settled his court case with Waltrip Racing but also was granted a visit to NASCAR as well. It's also a good week for Force India who have a new investor and are now known as Sahara Force India.

It's been a bad week for the teams at Korea, as it sounded like quite an unloved place, what with all the rubbish still in the bins, and leftovers still in the fridge. It's also a bad week for the media who are trying their best to get to India, but aren't finding it very easy.


Ahead of qualifying, we talk about Amy and Jeremy's amazing trip to Korea, where they met Ted, Heikki and Cathering and had a whale of a time. We talk about whether HRT think they can qualify well next year, and touch upon the free practice crash between Nico Rosberg and Jaime Alguersuari. Paul di Resta argues well for Force India's stock strategy of sitting out third qualifying, whilst it was a momentous non-Red Bull pole, and I missed it.

The race

There seemed to be a considerable lack of fans at the Korean International Circuit and that didn't help the atmosphere any, but once you got past that there was some great racing to be had. Cody guides us through likes and dislikes of the weekend, including marshals, time differences, Webber's start, clean overtaking, tyre strategies and that incident between Schumacher and Petrov.

We also evaluate both Paul di Resta and Daniel Ricciardo's weekends with Steven and Davin, name our drivers of the day, and rate the race.


Just one bit of very chilly feedback this week.


An excellent review from America for Between the Lines, thanks Michael!


A couple of outtakes for this week, starting with Mr C who appears to be packing me off... on holiday? I'm not sure I ever promised to go to India directly, do I have tickets?

But it's okay, because without me, he'd get all his exclamations wrong!