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F1 Debrief - KERS, DRS, KFC, whatever - Discussing the race in China, plus thoughts on qualifying and F1 curfews

Published by Christine

F1 Debrief - KERS, DRS, KFC, whatever audio waveform

Coming up today, we talk about qualifying and the possibility of not qualifying, flying wheels and flying visits.


We waited to complete this show just to make sure that the results from the Chinese Grand Prix didn't change, and hey, they didn't!

Good week/Bad week

It's been a good week for Anthony Davidson and for Lewis Hamilton, one who enjoyed cake, and one who's been splashing out. It's been a bad week for Virgin Racing who had to battle with communication in China, and for Will Buxton and Keith Sutton who had quite the time of it trying to get out of China.


In Free Practice, we saw Virgin beat up their car with a hammer, which sounds like something I could do. We also saw Nick Heidfeld struggle to keep control of his car on track, but keeping control with a many-point turn.

The curfew imposed for mechanics doesn't seem to be working, Toro Rosso did a great job, and Vettel took pole position again.

The race

This week, the voicemails guide us through the race, starting with the drama at McLaren as Hamilton almost missed getting out of the pitlane for the formation lap.

We discuss Button's mishap when taking a pitstop, Rosberg's better race weekend, and just how very fiesty the rest of the field were.

Webber did an excellent job, Massa seemed much more racy than we have seen previously and someone could be cheating.


Just the one piece of feedback this week, correcting us on the swivel jack that has been around for ages, we just didn't spot it.

Full Voicemails

Steve kicks us off with an excitable voicemail, a relatively short audio excerpt that is full of the joys of a McLaren victory after a worrying start to the Grand Prix.

The infrequent visitor, Dom, calls in from the past (time travelling ahoy!) to defend Jenson Button and share his thoughts on a potential conspiracy (plus a BBC romance).

Lukeh is almost rendered speechless after the race, but finds his tongue to cheer for Jenson Button and then ponder where Williams can go from here - particularly in terms of giving Rubens the car he deserves.

Pat calls in to discuss how he enjoyed the Chinese Grand Prix, much to his own surprise, and how the Pirelli tyres are making quite a difference to the action we are seeing on track. Even so, people are still complaining!

Gavin sums up his thoughts about the race in China, saying that no matter if people think the racing is artificial, it's creating some incredible action - including a pass for the lead of the race! It may not please everyone, but it's pleasing this particular fan.

Sauber's biggest fan, RG, catches up on the team's performance after the first few races of the year, and specifically the Chinese Grand Prix. He holds nothing back when evaluating the driver performances!

Steven looks at the way this season is shaping up, with the unintended consequences of the regulation changes. He also particularly ponders where qualifying may head as the rest of the year unfolds.

And last but not least, we catch up with Jordan and his thoughts on the Malaysian Grand Prix, and eagerly await his opinions on China!