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F1 Debrief - It's like International Rescue, except there's more drinking - A full roundup of the news from Australia after the first race of 2011

Published by Christine

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Coming up this week, we talk race one in Melbourne, the vast scale of rookie drivers and five-a-side football.


The season crept up on us but we have survived the first race of the year and it was a pretty good one after all that.

Good week/Bad week

It's been a good week for Karun Chandhok, well, kind of. Aside from the spinning after just a couple of corners incident, it's good that he has a job. Hopefully he will still have a job. It's also a good week for Jenson Button who got to take a look at some pretty stunning scenery.

Meanwhile, the bad week comes from Bernie Ecclestone who is not happy about the idea of turbo engines and for Ron Dennis who will be catching the bus for the next six months.

The race

Where to begin? With HRT of course, because they actually failed to begin. It's a sad story, but Mr C is just happy that the livery didn't get too much air time.

We discuss our new TV and how it has made watching F1 so much better, even if Red Bull have managed to dominate proceedings without even a sniff of KERS.

We also analyse the rookie drivers and see who did well (Pérez) and who did not (Maldonado). With Sauber's disqualification, we discuss whether Sergio can still be the driver of the day.

Finally, we get some great voicemails to provide other perspectives on the first race of the year, including Paul's Performance Report.


Most excellent feedback this week:

  • Andy lets us know his views on the Lotus versus Lotus battle
  • A quick thanks to Phillip who shared a great numberplate with us
  • Bassano and Kai have a proposal for you all
  • Dieter leaves a voicemail about Sauber One Club
  • An anonymous message makes us think about Silverstone... and school trips


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