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F1 Debrief - It's a very grown up response - A feedback round-up of pit lane patter and data collection

Published by Christine

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This episode of F1 Debrief wraps up all the recent (and not so recent) Sidepodcast feedback, covering a wide variety of topics. We start with a look back at the McLaren show and what an epic response we had from Pat. Discussion moves on to safety concerns in the pit lane, and just how far the FIA should get involved - with regards to penalties and more robust measures.

There's a quick bit of praise and understanding, but we also talk of the vast amounts of data flying around the globe and what's being done with it by the teams and at Biggin Hill. Are teams coping with the amount of information they've got, and how has it changed the way strategies are formed?

Finally, we've got some interesting ideas for taking the championship in a new direction and giving the engineers a bit of a break, and whilst not exactly our cup of tea it does lead to interesting thoughts about frozen regulations and driver-only bonus races.

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