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F1 Debrief - It's a Sidepodbuffet - A bumper news roundup with BMW quitting, the Concorde Agreement and Felipe Massa

Published by Christine

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Today we embark on a mammoth show to catch up on three weeks worth of F1 and Sidepodcast news, including Sidepodradio updates, BMW's decision to quit, and the ongoing Ari vs Jean battle.


I said I wasn't impressed with F1 before we went on hiatus. Perhaps I jinxed it?

Good week / Bad week

A good week for Renault as their fate will be decided before the race, and for USF1 who can finally concentrate on their car. Bad week for Ross Brawn and for those artists who signed up with Singapore rather than F1 Rocks.

News and views

A bumper catchup with thoughts on BMWs decision to quit, the Concorde Agreement, Ferrari and their Massa replacement struggles, Piquet's pettiness, circuit news and Ari vs. Jean.


We listen to three voicemails from Jon, who commentated for 24 hours on a 2CV race, and we run through many emails, including making holiday friends over Sidepodcast, starting blogs and losing them, and an independent V-Power experiment.


Mr C has made himself a playground, but it means awesome things for all of us. We also catch up on some of the shows that could do with audience participation for Sidepodradio.