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F1 Debrief - Interesting and worrying in equal measures - Discussing Bahrain, Barcelona testing, Sauber's sponsors and much more

Published by Christine

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Coming up on this show, we discuss F1 trademarks, Barcelona testing and quite a lot about KERS.


We're still getting back into the swing of things, despite the best efforts of tortillas and roast chickens.

Good week/Bad week

It's been a good week for Nick Heidfeld and Bob Bell who have both got new jobs, one is filling in for Robert Kubica at Renault and the other is head of the chassis team at Mercedes. I'll let you guess which is which. It's been a bad week for the Formula One Group who still can't get their hands on F1 as a trademark, and for attendance levels because China is still on the calendar.

News and views

We touch upon Bahrain, but not in too much detail as we have a special Sidepodchat dedicated to that very subject. There's a bit more about Lotus and Autosport, but it's mostly wait and see.

We do a brief recap of the Barcelona test, who was fast, who was slow and who left early. Good to see Toro Rosso finally making an impact on the times. All the talk of the test was about Pirelli and their compounds though, and we discuss why it is that tyres are dominating the news so much at the moment.

Finally, we ponder the idea of Sauber Club One - where sponsors can pay the team vast sums of money and not get their name on the car. It seems like a very one-sided deal!


Lovely feedback this week:

  • Eyeteaguy leaves us a voicemail. More of the same from you all please, 0121 28 87225.
  • Scott wonders if Schumacher is really as bad as all that
  • Guy offers another viewpoint on KERS
  • Chris offers some suggestions to make KERS more obvious (and multi-coloured tyres as well)
  • A special note from the future! (Possibly)


We seem to have found ourselves in a bit of a flame war, but it turns out to be the most polite flame war ever (if you don't count the swearing).


Just the one outtake today. Prepare to be offended, science-fiction fans.