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F1 Debrief - I'm setting new heights... of lows - Reviewing all the action from the 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix

Published by Christine

F1 Debrief - I'm setting new heights... of lows audio waveform

This week we discuss the highs and lows of a race that gave us a little bit of everything, plus we update the Fantasy Racers league and talk about the BBC coverage... again.


We are loving the audio soundbytes this week with a great one from Mr Rob Smedley, and Buemi gets a look in too.

Good week / Bad week

A good week for Kovalainen because he thinks he can drive well, however Malaysia may prove him wrong. Also for BMW as they managed to get a protest not only submitted correctly but also rejected. A bad week for Alonso who isn't feeling well and for Vettel as he faced the stewards again... for no reason?

News and views

It's all about Lewis and McLaren this week, as they face the stewards again to face charges of dishonesty.

The race

Amazing action before the weather came along and ruined it all - or did it? A couple of predictions precede our chat about Kimi's ice cream antics, and Webber patrolling from car to car. We also revisit the BBC coverage to add our opinions after a second race weekend.

Fantasy Racers

I am no longer leading the league.


We've almost come up with a name for the Joe Show - an aSide with Joe - so if you have any other ideas, get them in quick. We're also taking this weekend, because I have been talking about Formula 1 in my sleep and it's clear a holiday is required.