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F1 Debrief - I'm fit and healthy, give me a Red Bull - Discussing Vettel's dominant win around the streets of Singapore

Published by Christine

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Coming up this week, we discuss the benefits of Lucozade, a gentleman's agreement from FOTA, and a safety car plan.


We're pondering the idea of podcast associations, both singular and plural!

Good week/Bad week

We split good week/bad week duties this week to discuss the Indian demonstrations by McLaren and Red Bull, plus the promotion going on inside Renault. On the flip side, there are medical centre problems and a lot of chaos surrounding the curfew regulations.

News and views

More snippets of news, including Sam Michael's move to McLaren, the potential of Lotus once they get their hands on KERS, plus what Lucozade reminds Mr C of. We also discuss the new McLaren technology centre and what kind of wildlife they might have, and ponder whether Robert Kubica will be making a return to F1 any time soon. Oh, and there's also some talk of real life Angry Birds.


There was not too much qualifying action to discuss - simply how bad the Renaults were and whether the chicane that Kobayashi crashed at should be changed or not. Talking of kerbs, there was the Free Practice delay to discuss, plus the fact that more and more cars are opting not to run in Q3 - is there a solution?

The race

The start of the race was relatively clean, but Mark Webber did not get away well and held up Lewis Hamilton as he went. We discuss Hamilton's battle with Felipe Massa, and Michael Schumacher's tangle with Sergio Pérez. We also ponder whether the safety car regulations need tweaking again, they never seem to be quite right.

We talk of Vettel's strong win, Button's attempt to catch him, and a good job by the rookie drivers at Singapore. We also rate the race, select our driver of the day, and see what words Steven and Davin can come up with for Paul di Resta and Daniel Ricciardo respectively.


Short and sweet feedback this week, with Chris asking for a ringtone and making some (mostly right) Singapore predictions. Stephen asked whether we are contacted by fans from all over the globe, and Tim poses a quick-fire question which I quiz Mr C on. Finally, Ray asks if there are any good F1 highlight videos and we have to admit that aside from the official race edits, the pickings are slim.


Buy the app and buy the book, and this time there's a whole new book to purchase! I've only gone and started a new series, with Between the Lines marking my debut into motorsport fiction. Make sure you check it out!


The first outtake on the order today is one where we discuss the real headlines behind those curfew stories, where there may or may not have been burglars in the paddock after dark.

McLaren's new factory is under discussion, and there's a new architect and designer going to take the reigns! We aren't sure if he's well known or not, but his name may sound familiar.

In which we suddenly realise why there are so many outtakes, in this show anyway, with the weather playing a significant role.