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F1 Debrief - I prefer him where I can see him - More 2010 entry list talk, plus backmarker team changes and a Ferrari rant

Published by Christine

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Coming up on this week's impromptu Debrief podcast, we discuss the movers and shakers for the 2010 season, ponder what Schumacher will be driving both in and out of Formula 1, and hear a fascinating theory about Mr C.


With so much unexpected news in December, we have to fit in an extra show to cram it all in.

Good week / Bad week

A good week for Felipe Massa who got behind the wheel of a Ferrari again, and for the boys turning up to the FIA gala for their trophies. Bad week for sponsorship deals and Kimi Räikkönen fans though.

News and views

Lotus and Virgin confirm new looks and new drivers, start up a battle and begin arguing with everyone around them. Renault are going to stay in the sport, sort of, Schumacher might be coming back, Kobayashi gets a drive, and I have a rant about Ferrari. We also quickly cover the FIA tweaks to sporting and stewarding regulations.


Two excellent voicemails, one a theory about Mr C, the other a sum up of a great party. We also catch up with a couple of emails and messages submitted via the contact form covering topics as wide as pronunciation, wiki pages and Prost vs. Senna.


The Advent Calendar continues on towards it's Christmas Day destination, whilst Mr C has been introducing the opportunity to rate posts. Don't forget to join us for the Sidepodparty tonight!