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F1 Debrief - I might like tall blokes with goggly eyes - The 2009 Monaco Grand Prix is up for discussion, with more Brawn supremacy

Published by Christine

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This week we discuss all things Monaco, including the budget cap meetings held on various yachts throughout the weekend. We also update Fantasy Racers, share some great feedback, and discuss the next character cup.


Yet another shout out but we might have to change our name.

Good week / Bad week

Good week for France as they might have another option for the race, whilst Button thinks he might be boring. A bad week for potential excuses for leaving F1 and for England event hosting.

News and views

Ferrari lost their court case, and the teams gathered for several discussions throughout the weekend. Max seems to think all is heading in the right direction.

The race

The cleanest first lap we've ever seen, and not exactly the chaotic Monaco GP we were expecting. However, Brawn have shown they are just supreme, whilst Toyota and BMW must be scratching their heads.

Fantasy Racers

I'm now at 91st whilst Mr C sits in 287th. Kathi is running away with it and we discuss how dedicated one has to be to get anywhere in the FR game.


A couple of emails - one on Fantasy Racers and one on what Mr C might look like. Also a quick plug for a new blog.


The Circuit Character Cup gets underway tomorrow, we announce the Tremayning winner, clarify what's going on with Joe, and discuss how much fun the Parade Lap is.