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F1 Debrief - I guess you can't fault his enthusiasm - The Spanish Grand Prix is dissected, along with news on Silverstone

Published by Christine

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Coming up this week, we discuss poor stewarding, qualifying tweaks and Katy Perry.


Sometimes you just have to train yourself to be good with a remote control.

Good week/Bad week

It's a good week for Silverstone as they go and launch their new Wing with a capital W, and also for Bob who celebrates 500 Grand Prix shouts. It's a bad week, though, for Massa who gets a new sign and for Williams who find themselves with an unwanted pet.


Mark Webber seemed to have everything under control, leading several of the practice sessions and taking pole position in Spain. Heikki Kovalainen made great use of his soft tyres to get through to Q2 and finish ahead of the Force India cars, but do we need more info about who is running on which tyres?

The race

Several voicemails guide us through the weekend's action, from Mike who rounds up all we saw to Villain F1 who isn't sure how well Massa is doing. We run through the three retirements from the race, and discuss whether letting someone out in the path of someone else is an unsafe release or not.

Ferrari take up a good chunk of the show, with their mixed results this weekend, and a voicemail from Cody over whether personnel changes are behind this. We also discuss what Alonso's contract extension means for the team and for Felipe Massa.

Finally, we touch upon the diffuser debate, and of course, how DRS performed this weekend and what we might expect for Monaco.


A few brilliant bits of feedback this week

  • Chris ponders whether we're on the verge of a domestic
  • Luke has an idea for qualifying
  • Peter keeps tabs on the Safety Car


It's worth mentioning that whilst Mr C is busy fighting with F1 photographers, he's also busy revamping F1Minute which looks brilliant. Go take a peek!

Debrief extras

A couple of voicemails in full, starting with Gavin and his excellent thoughts on the race we just watched, the ongoing and difficult diffuser situation, plus much more.

Steven expands on his thoughts about the Spanish Grand Prix with a great football analogy for the diffuser debate, making it slightly more palatable for those of us who get easily confused.

Finally, a quick outtake. It's hard to say, although Bruce Willis never had any trouble.