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F1 Debrief - I demand a magic paddle - On the agenda for this show, the Turkish GP, qualifying woes and much more

Published by Christine

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Coming up this week, we talk TV directors, engagement presents and the severe lack of safety cars.


Woohoo, what a great weekend, particularly as I looked after the site pretty much all by myself.

Good week/Bad week

It's been a good week for PR people as Williams' Sophie Eden had an unexpected encounter with Pastor Maldonado, and also for Petra Ecclestone who got perhaps the best present that money can buy.

It's a bad week for Pirelli and their new motorhome, and for various media types who found their cars half buried in mud.


Sebastian Vettel got his weekend off to a smashing start, quite literally, when he crashed his Red Bull in FP1. Maldonado also had a bit of an issue with the barriers getting in his way.

Qualifying was on the dull side, but do we prefer that to a dull race? I think so. Kobayashi was the main talking point, alongside Red Bull giving up halfway through Q3, because they are just that good.

The race

The TV director in Turkey was taken a little by surprise, as were we all. Most were expecting a lull in the season's action, but Istanbul hyped things up even more.

Fair enough, Red Bull are supreme and untouchable out in front, but with Alonso and Webber fighting for podiums, plus the two McLaren drivers going out and not crashing into each other, there was plenty to watch throughout the field.

Just two retirements make this a seemingly safe season so far, and why haven't we seen a safety car yet?

We've got plenty of Ted News to discuss, plus the importance of the pit stop these days. Plus, two voicemails from Lukeh and Steven to sum up the weekend.


Some excellent feedback this week:

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