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F1 Debrief - He's been the voice of reason this season - A long old Canadian GP gets the full debrief treatment in this episode

Published by Christine

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Coming up on this show, we discuss the oh-so-long Canadian GP, overly cautious safety cars, wheelbanging teammates, plus a book and an app.


We had to redflag the podcast after the Canadian Grand Prix. It's only a week late.

Good week/Bad week

A good week for Lewis Hamilton, who got to try his hand at driving a NASCAR vehicle, and a good week for anyone waiting to see Richard Branson in a dress. Whoever that might be. It's a bad week for Nico Rosberg, though, as an artist impression leaves a lot to be desired. Also a bad week for a man from Bournemouth who was trying to get to Monaco.

News and views

We briefly touch upon the Lotus versus Lotus battle, and the Bahrain Grand Prix, but not for long because in the end nothing has changed. We also discuss the possibility of a 21 race calendar next year, plus some team movements at Virgin and Renault.


It's hard to remember much about qualifying, other than the fact that Vettel took pole position. Again. We do manage to remember enough to talk about Sergio Pérez only participating in one session over the weekend, and his subsequent replacement, plus the concept of a 107% rule that just isn't being enforced.

The race

Some brilliant voicemails guide us through the action as we discuss a Grand Prix of two halves. The first was not so good. Safety cars aplenty before the session was red flagged. The second was much better, even if Mr C did have to wait until Wednesday to watch it.

We talk about Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, and what happened to the Ferrari drivers. We also mention the photo finish, and what DRS did for the final few laps of the race.


With so much feedback in the body of the show itself, there's just time to hear from Ian who has some suggestions for the future of Formula One. We also congratulate BadgerGP on a successful Canadian GP event in London.


Not much happening in the world of Sidepodcast, except that I wrote a book and Mr C produced an app. For all the information, check the linkage section.

Debrief extras

We've got some full voicemails and some glorious outtakes for you today. Let's begin with voicemails. Not much of this was edited for the show, but relive Sandy's report about his weekend at the race.

Nathan (long time listener, first time mp3 sender) has some thoughts about the double DRS concept making things too easy, as well as Kobayashi's disappointment.

A recap from Jordan after qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix. His thoughts include Ferrari's forward progress, Maldonado spinning off and thoughts for the future races.

A brief celebration from Lou as her favourite driver takes victory in Montreal, after what was an "ultimate F1 experience". The worst red flag session turned into the most amazing weekend.

And now, I suppose you would like an outtake or three. First of all, Nico Rosberg is going to extreme lengths to change his image, taking to the science lab, or the wrestling floor.

Next up, when you sign a contract in F1, you're quite literally signing your life away. Lewis Hamilton may or may not be taking his team pact too far! It's in the contract!

Finally, Mr C is clearly not a fan of Karthikeyan. Felipe Massa struggled to get past Narain, and thus Mr C has him branded forever!