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F1 Debrief - He occasionally sneaks up there and has a word - McLaren's testing progress and driver selection ahead of 2015

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McLaren broke their silence to reveal their driver line-up for 2015, so we thought we'd do the same and discuss their situation as it stands. With Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button taking centre stage, we ponder how their relationship will fare with the stresses and strains that the season will no doubt bring.

We also evaluate the test driver roles at Woking, and who has the best job - Stoffel or Kevin. There's also time to talk about whether there's too much pressure and expectation on the Honda engine, and just how badly their two days of testing went. Are they going to end up in a Renault situation or have they learnt from everyone else's mistakes?

Finally, if Honda or McLaren were tempted to plan for a B team, then we have just the person to head it up, because from what we've seen so far, it can't be that hard!

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Alonso's first media interviews at McLaren
Credit: McLaren

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