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F1 Debrief - He forgot to turn damage off - More on the Japanese Grand Prix qualifying than the race itself

Published by Christine

F1 Debrief - He forgot to turn damage off audio waveform

This weeks Debrief examines the Alonso to Ferrari deal, now that it is actually confirmed, looks at the action from Suzuka qualifying, because the race wasn't so good, and catches up with some great feedback.


We're not as sure about racing in the early hours of the morning as we were last week.

Good week / Bad week

A good week for fashion in the paddock, but a bad week for our bandwidth bills.

News and views

It's really all about Ferrari, as they confirm Alonso. We discuss the repercussions of the announcement we've all been waiting for. We also discuss Massa's progress and whether he should be getting into a car already!

The race

We really should have used the Qualifying jingle for this section as we talk more about those three short sessions than the race itself. Red flags and medical cars galore on Saturday. A couple of overtaking moves on Sunday.

Fantasy Racers

Kathi is still leading, and is closing up on having three teams in the top ten. I am still beating Mr C, he is still sore about it.


We have a voicemail from Gavin who is feeling a bit down about the way Formula One is going at the moment. Plus we read an email from Steve, who is awesome.


A quick recap of Sidepodradio and the charity the donations are going to, plus Mr C would like your bumpers for Sidepodcast.