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F1 Debrief - Expect nothing but the best - Thoughts on Force India, Narain Karthikeyan, FOTA and HD coverage

Published by Christine

F1 Debrief - Expect nothing but the best audio waveform

Coming up today, we welcome in the new year with talk of sponsorship deals, high definition, Lotus favouritism and self-indulgence.


A Happy New Year to you, although I am slightly concerned it might be a grumpy new year in reality.

Good week/Bad week

A good week for Williams as they took their car to Venezuela to much fanfare. There was a distinct lack of sponsors though, which was slightly worrying. A bad week for making stories out of nothing, and also for Felipe Massa who couldn't beat Fernando at the ice racing at all. Finally a good week for Virgin Racing as they are poaching all of HRT's good staff.

News and views

We begin with a ponder at the world of Force India and why Vijay Mallya just doesn't get what he should be doing with that team of his. We also look at how Narain Karthikeyan fits in the current world of Formula One.

Then we move onto the subject of FOTA, which is something we could rant about for hours, but we limit it to a brief discussion of HRT's dismissal, and what the organisation can do with only eleven members.

Next on the agenda is the growing Lotus-Renault agenda at Autosport, and finally the changes at the BBC, including high definition pictures, Coulthard in the commentary box and Natalie Pinkham in at 5live.


Just one piece of feedback from Tim, who broaches the fabulous idea of Sidepodmeetups for each race weekend. We're looking for volunteers to organise these, whilst we'd be happy to promote them.


We touch upon the tentative subject of a change in the comments, and how we really would like things more positive than negative. If only we had a time machine. We also discuss the changes at F1 Minute and F1 Big Picture, plus what exciting things are coming up for the Factbyte Factbox.