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F1 Debrief - Echoes of last year - Singapore Grand Prix talk is overshadowed, yet again, by Renault

Published by Christine

F1 Debrief - Echoes of last year audio waveform

This week's post-Singapore debrief takes in such difficult topics as the Renault hearing, who will be where in 2010, and whether the FIA need to pay more attention to their superlicences.


We tease our discussion of the epic and wonderful Sidepodradio.

Good week / Bad week

Good week for Singapore lighting crews, and Jean Todt, but a bad week for Lewis Hamilton's Italian and the BBC coverage this weekend.

News and views

Naturally there's a lot of Renault talk as we wonder what the result means for Formula 1. We listen to two voicemails, then turn our attention to the future, of the calendar, of teams and of drivers.

The race

We talk about the battle between Red Bull and Brawn, and how Button seemed to overcome all the odds to finish well. Most of the discussion centres around Sutil, though, and Mr C is not impressed.

Fantasy Racers

They... weren't ready.


Another voicemail talking about the BBC and their interviewing skills. Plus a couple of emails catching up on the past couple of weeks.


We discuss how brilliant Sidepodradio was, and how we're going to distribute it to you all - namely, lots of files in the podcast feed all in one go. Enjoy!