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F1 Debrief - Do I really sound like Fisichella? - Our immediate reaction to FOTA's breakaway plans, plus the British Grand Prix

Published by Christine

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We've got shoutouts, news and views, good weeks and bad, a circuit link up, race discussion, Sidepodtour updates, Fantasy Racers stats, voicemails galore and just a little bit of housekeeping. It's all go, go, go!


Two shoutouts for Sidepostcast. We think that might be us.

Good week / Bad week

It's been a good week for iPhone users and for bizarre surveys, but a bad week for Campos Racing and Donington Park.

News and views

FOTA only went and did it, didn't they? Announcing a breakaway competition in the dead of night. Although things are still at a stalemate, at least we are one step forward. This is progress, and it creates lots of questions. We answer the most important one though.

The race

We quickly run through all the happenings at Silverstone, such as the quick drop off of KERS, Button and Barrichello's varying performances, Bourdais vs. Heikki and those donuts.

Fantasy Racers

I am now 88th in the league, whilst Mr C went up for a change, now sitting in 308th. We also read an encouraging email.


Voicemails galore, as Dan Brunell is pondering why the FIA are creating such a fuss over four grid spots, RG gives us an update on Croft, and Paul wishes me a Happy Birthday.


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