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F1 Debrief - Brawnsomeness - A review of the Italian Grand Prix, plus thoughts on the Renault hearing

Published by Christine

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This week's show looks at all things Renault, plus a quick glance at sponsorship in the paddock, then covers the goings on at the Italian Grand Prix, with the usual Fantasy Racers, feedback and housekeeping update.


We learn what DNF means.

Good week / Bad week

Good week for Brawn fans and for FOM getting their own way, but a bad week for rollercoasters and for Force India's motorhome.

News and views

The Renault hearing is still a week away and things are getting particularly ugly. We run through the facts, and try to avoid the speculation. We also discuss the Santander and Mercedes news for 2010.

The race

It was all about Fisichella, really, but we also mention the Brawn strategy, Hamilton's unceasing desire to do well, BMWs engine problems, and the championship battle.

Fantasy Racers

Four of my teams are now beating Mr C, so he's getting a bit desperate. We run through team owner quotes, which is the best part of the game.


One voicemail, plus two emails. Under discussion this week, Liuzzi and Badoer, plus how to have a bit of balance in the paddock.


We watched a film last week whilst live commenting it, and we'll do it again, but not next week because that is time for the epic Sidepodradio. Argh!