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F1 Debrief - Because they go so really fast - Our first non-race podcast since the big return, and it's all about TV

Published by Christine

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Coming up this week, we talk about big trucks and little ideas, off-season blues and upcoming anniversaries.


Another surprise show, as we want a happy-go-lucky podcast, and decide on a brief debrief to tide us over.

News and views

We've been watching a lot of TV, so we discuss the Eddie Stobart programme called Trucks and Trailers. They followed the Mercedes GP cars from Brackley to Spa, and even had a go on Michael Schumacher's electric bike. Naughty chaps!

Next up, we ponder Lewis Hamilton's appearance(s) on Blue Peter, particularly when he returned to Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands, and had another go on the skid pan. We've seen him do this in real life, and the man has serious car control.

Finally, we discuss Williams appearing on a CBBC show called My Genius Idea. Liam Clogger and Sam Bird both pop up (although both are leaving the team - oops!) and apparently I explain things like an eight year old. To prove a point, I try and explain a Lotus/Renault situation like a grown up, and fail miserably.


We have one email from Peter, who is rather mean about Heikki, but we try and come to the Finn's defense. There's also a message regarding our plans for the off-season, and how we (and you) are going to keep ourselves entertained.


We discuss who may or may not be World Champion this year, by means of a great post from James, with an added poll. Plus the anniversary of the daily thread is coming up, and we're about to hit our 50th author on the site. Amazing stuff and big love to everyone who has ever written a word, be it in the posts or in the comments.


Multiple outtakes - tongue twisters galore and more.