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F1 Debrief - 2009 Sidepoddie Awards - The return of our annual celebration of the good and bad in Formula One

Published by Christine

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Coming up on today's show we hand out some really important awards including the best beard, the worst comeback and the best sporting injury. There's also some singing, and a present or two.


We are back with our second show of the weekend - the planned one - where we hand out awards to the good and bad of Formula 1 in 2009.

Good week / Bad week

It has been a good week for Scott Woodwiss and his new job, and for Lou, Lukeh and Emily who've been bumping into comedians. It's a bad week for Tom G, though, and for Alex and Kat, because we might have abandoned them with a partied out house.

The Sidepoddie Awards

The 2009 awards feature such categories as the Best Beard, the Passing the Buck award, and the Worst Comeback. There are some featured awards from the comments, and there are even a couple of last minute winners as well.

Sidepodchristmas Carol

This year, we take on Jingle Bells, turn it into a Formula 1 carol, and perform it brilliantly. Thanks to Gavin, Lukeh, Andy, Chris, Alianora, RG, Scott and Steven for joining in the fun.