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F1 Analytics (Part 4) - Driver career statistics - A look at how 2008 has added to the lifelong records of the grid

Published by Christine

Our final foray into the statistics from the 2008 season actually takes a look at the bigger picture. I've charted the numbers for a driver's entire career, comparing race wins, fastest laps and career points to the number of races he has started. There is always some ambiguity when it comes to certain race start statistics, but I have chosen a way forward and applied it fairly to everyone in the chart. Click here for the full information.

Driver stats 2008

The drivers who are doing well are really obvious from a quick glimpse at the numbers. Alonso, Hamilton, Massa and Räikkönen all have pretty high percentages across the board. Taking a closer look at the data though, reveals some more interesting conclusions.

Firstly, and as we have seen, Räikkönen has completely overshadowed everyone else when it comes to the fastest laps. Compared to his starts, Kimi has achieved the fastest lap for 25% of the time. The next highest is Massa with 10% and Coulthard, through all his hundreds of starts, has only 7%.

There are two ex-Renault drivers on the grid who I actually find quite disappointing. Fisichella has just under 1.5% of pole positions and wins to starts, 13% of available points and less than 9% of podium finishes. Trulli's percentages are even worse. There's something about being the second driver to a prospective champ that doesn't do you any favours.

Talking of which, Kovalainen really doesn't seem to be doing well. Although his career points percentage is good - he beats 14 of the other drivers out there - he's not a patch on Hamilton. Lewis has stormed all the stats. He beats everyone out there, hands down, with the only exception being Kimi and his fastest laps.

However, we all know how good Hamilton is, so let's take a look at who's not doing so well. Bourdais has all zeros, except for a 2% in the career points. Sutil is even worse with just 0.29% - 1 point out of 25 starts. The most notable poor performance for me is from Webber, who is at the bottom of the list for alphabetical reasons, but also because there are more zero percentages than I would like to see.

That sums up my conclusions for the 2008 season. I'd love to hear what you think about the stats, and whether you've got any conclusions of your own. If there are any charts you'd like to see, just let us know, and we'll have a go at whipping up a Google Doc.