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F1 Advent Calendar 2012 - Roundup - The complete collection of this year's F1 season review mini series

Published by Christine

At the beginning of December, we embarked on a journey to revisit all the key moments of the 2012 season - the highs and lows, the wins and losses, and everything in between. Twenty-five days later and we have reached the end of the journey, a full season recapped in short but insightful bursts. Here is the full collection of the 2012 advent calendar, the box-set, if you will.

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  1. The first hurdle - Early testing proves troublesome for Lotus.
  2. Melbourne masterclass - The season begins with a traditionally chaotic race in Australia.
  3. China surprise - Nico Rosberg secures his and his team's first victory.
  4. Invisible force - The return of the Bahrain GP is a difficult time for Force India.
  5. Williams winners - The victorious bubble for Williams is burst with a following fire.
  6. Risky business - Red Bull push the boundaries of the rules in Monaco.
  7. Strategy calls - It becomes clear just how important Pirelli's tyres are in 2012.
  8. Double trouble - Fernando Alonso becomes the first double winner of the year.
  9. Marussia and María - A recap of María de Villota's accident and recovery.
  10. 100 and out - Lewis Hamilton suffers disappointment at his centenary race.
  11. Taken out - Hungary proves to be the tipping point for Ferrari.
  12. A surprise pole - The Belgian Grand Prix holds a pleasant surprise for McLaren.
  13. Replacement racer - Jérôme D'Ambrosio sits in for Grosjean in Italy.
  14. Goodbye Sid - The F1 world pays tribute to Professor Sid Watkins.
  15. Ten for twelve - Marussia provide some fierce competition for Caterham.
  16. Step aside - Hamilton kicks off the driver market for 2013.
  17. Sauber stars - Sauber face a shakeup both on and off the track.
  18. Japanese delight - Kobayashi wows the home crowds with a Suzuka podium.
  19. A new reign - Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel return to dominant form.
  20. Pit stop problems - A look at the highs and lows of McLaren's pit stops.
  21. Abu Dhabi dream - Kimi Räikkönen secures his comeback victory.
  22. Testing splits - The Young Driver Test is splintered into three individual events.
  23. Austin awesome - F1 returns to the US with a successful race at the COTA.
  24. Spanish sunset - 2012 proves to be the last season for the HRT outfit.
  25. Brazil showdown - The season comes to an incredible and thrilling end.

Many thanks for listening and for sticking with Sidepodcast for the 2012 season. Here's to a fun festive season, and an even better F1 season in 2013!

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