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F1 Advent Calendar 2010 - Roundup - A review of the 25 shows that went into this year's advent review

Published by Christine

It doesn't seem that long ago that the F1 Advent Calendar began, talking of pre-season goings on and building up to the big reveal in Bahrain. We've been through the ups and downs of the entire 2010 season, culminating in a double championship success for Red Bull in Abu Dhabi. Twenty-five short episodes later, and our season review is complete.

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As an extended mini-series, it would make far too long an omnibus edition, so instead I've gathered together a list of everything covered this December.

  1. Speculate to Innovate - Teams begin the year by stretching the rules.
  2. US Not So F1 - The new team that didn't quite make the grid.
  3. A Renault Reinvention - Dusting off the controversy of 2010 and starting again.
  4. Twitter Testing - A glimpse of the information overload that was to come.
  5. Ferrari Firsts - Alonso makes his debut with his favourite team
  6. Troublesome Trio - the battle of the new teams begins in earnest.
  7. The Comeback King - how Michael Schumacher returned to F1.
  8. Rain Dance - Australian rain provides Button with a chance to shine.
  9. Bob and Weave - Hamilton weaves his way through the field in Malaysia.
  10. Longer In More Ways - Virgin Racing have to redesign their car.
  11. Mayhem in Monaco - The jewel of the F1 crown provides the usual chaos.
  12. Red Bull Riots - Turkey provides a catalyst for in-team fighting.
  13. Get Out and Push - Hamilton gives the marshals a run for their money.
  14. Two for Two - Webber gets his own back on his team.
  15. Four's a Crowd - HRT can't decide which driver lineup is best.
  16. Magnanimity - Germany sees the controversial moment of the year.
  17. Against the Wall - Although Schumacher's attempt on Rubens was up there too.
  18. Highs and Lows - Renault's Hungarian weekend was a mix of emotions.
  19. Mind the Gap - Vettel forgets the Safety Car rules again.
  20. Musical Chairs - Heidfeld finds his way out of F1 and back in again.
  21. Hold Everything - Qualifying in Japan had to wait until Sunday.
  22. Making Tracks - Doubt over the Korean GP was completely wiped away.
  23. Unexpected Speed - A very special qualifying in Brazil was the highlight for Williams.
  24. The Real Fight - After a year of struggles, which new team won the battle?
  25. Double Champs - Red Bull secure both 2010 championships.

All that remains to be said is thank you for sticking with us for the entire season, Merry Christmas, and roll on 2011!

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