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F1 2011 - Rate the season - The ups and downs of an F1 season, and pick your driver of the year

Published by Christine

2011 is rapidly drawing to a close, and there is just time to look back on the season past before attention turns fully to launches, pre-season testing, and the adventures that 2012 will bring. As promised in the last F1 Debrief show, this is our wrap-up of the season - a compilation of the rate the race posts throughout the year.

Rate the race

From what I can see we neglected to actually air our scores of the Brazilian Grand Prix in the podcast itself, but I noted in my show notes that I was giving it a six. It was okay, better than many of the races we'd seen prior to it, but perhaps we had been pinning our hopes on it being fabulous a little too much and therefore it was a disappointment. Mr C would have given it a five.

This is how we rated every race of 2011.

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Rate the Race 2011
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Abu Dhabi33

Overall, I think I'd give the season a 7 out of 10. It was a good year, certainly better than 2010, with plenty of interesting changes to watch unravel. The drivers provided some fascinating stories - in particular the International Day of Petrov, Hamilton and Massa, plus the disappearance of Heidfeld and the driver switching at HRT. Sadly, of course, both championships were wrapped up far too early for it to be a classic year.

Mr C would give the season an 8 out of 10. "The start of the season exceeded my expectations by double. It was a shot in the arm compared to the dreary, predictable, and processional races of 2010. The only significant downside to the season was its length. It outstayed its welcome by a venue or two. Highlight of the season was the best Grand Prix Catalunya ever hosted, whilst the lowlight of the year was the failure of DRS to salvage some entertainment from Valencia."

Driver of the season

Thus, all that remains is to pick a driver of the season. The obvious racer that springs to mind is Sebastian Vettel, who made driving at 300kph look ridiculously easy at every opportunity. However, Jenson Button proved his worth at McLaren, whilst Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso all fought hard (and each other!) to stay in the championship battle. Further back, Nico Rosberg continued to stay ahead of his far more experienced teammate, whilst Paul di Resta finished best of the rookies.

Who gets your driver of the season, and what would you give the year overall out of ten?