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F1 2009 available on the iPhone and iPod Touch - A mobile version of the popular Formula One racing game arrives

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Codemasters have managed to sneak a mobile version of their 2009 Wii game into the crowded Apple iPhone marketplace, just in time for Christmas. There was almost no hype, nor expectation surrounding this release, so retailing at £3.99 in the UK, how does it stack up to it's bigger Wii cousin?

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I won't even try to pretend that I'm any kind of game reviewer, nor that my abilities on the virtual track are anything to write home about. Lukeh has already promised us a comprehensive review to follow up his popular Wii coverage, so this thread is all about discovering the game as it unfolds before our eyes. A number of people are already downloading the game and this seems like a good place to track our initial findings.

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Updated: The game features 10 teams, 20 drivers and 17 circuits from the 2009 Formula 1 championship. These are exactly the same as those found in the Wii version of the game, so you'll find Bourdais, but not Badoer. The biggest drawback is the lack of competitive action, with only Time Trial or Endurance runs available. The first is self explanatory, the latter rewards consistency.

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Updated: The gameplay itself is really tough. The steering is hyper sensitive and reaching for the KERS button is a stretch unless you're on a long straight. The action is smooth though, and you can't fault the attention to graphical detail. We paid £30+ for the Wii version of this game, and although that does offer a multiplayer capability, this iPhone version seems much better value for money. Time will tell which edition stands the test of time, and if either stack up to the promise of the PS3 or 360 versions.

Updated: If you need further convincing, Lukeh's full review can be found here.

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