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Published by Mr. C

Given a lack of anything important happening in Formula 1 at the moment, we're doing a pretty good job of filling in the downtime. On the off chance that you don't manage to read every single comment posted on the site, here's a quick introduction to two upcoming events that you might've missed.


Not, as the name might imply, anything to do with chasing villains in the Batmobile. Batracer is in fact an online F1 management game, where you have to guide a driver through a full season of Formula 1.

We were a little dubious about agreeing to this in the first place, but Mr. Woodwiss can be a persistent chap, going so far as to writing a most helpful introductory guide for newbies like us. After a hour or two we were sold on the idea.

If you've never played before but can spare a couple of minutes a day, it costs nothing to join, just visit the Sidepodcast league that Scott's set up already, and enter the rather predicable password sidepodcast. I think we're looking for just two more drivers now, and I'm particularly keen to find someone who's never played before, if only so I don't come last.

Kart racing

Item number two on our events list is the karting competition Alianora's organised for next Saturday. The plan is for a bunch of us to decamp to the Teamworks Birmingham karting track, following a visit to Autosport International at the NEC.

Mr C karting

I'm not particularly good at karting, they tend to be a bit on the small side for me, so if you fancy beating me on four wheels rather than online, the details can be found on Alia's wiki page. In addition Christine will be live commenting the whole of practice and the race from the bar, so even if you can't make it, you might want to check back here next Saturday to see what's going down.

That's a quick insight into the things that are occupying us at the moment. If you have any other suggestions as to how to fill time between races, do let us know in the comments, you just never know where it'll lead.