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Williams straight line testing - A sneak peek at some extra action at Kemble Airfield

Published by Mr. C

AT&T Williams trucks

Even after the majority of the freight has already been loaded ready for the Austrailian Grand Prix, the Williams team are still testing parts for the upcoming race.

For the past two days some familiar looking blue and white trucks have been seen parked up at a little used airstrip in Gloucestershire, while the team conducted a number of straight line tests.

Williams are not the only ones busy this week though, as Honda are conducting some last minute runs at a private test in Jerez this week, while Ferrari's test driver Luca Badoer will today shake down the two cars to be used in Melbourne.

Talk about leaving it to the last minute.

AT&T Williams team testing

The Williams team packed up and headed home around lunchtime today.

Is there anyone else cramming in some last minute runs, before next weekend's race?