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Everybody play the game - Update your Fantasy Racers teams for the French Grand Prix

Published by Christine

I don’t want any more sabotage accusations flying around Sidepodcast HQ this week, so here is your timely reminder to have a look at your Fantasy Racers teams.

Open up your mind, let me step inside

Personally, I’m going into the French Grand Prix with an all German team. That’s right, I managed to snap up all the German individuals on the grid, with no one left behind, and no other nationalities involved.

Here’s my team, for your viewing pleasure but please don’t take this as advice, because we all know I’m not exactly top of the league right now:

Adrian Sutil3.9
Nick Heidfeld8.5
Nico Rosberg6.7
Sebastian Vettel5.2
Timo Glock5.8

Best team ever, I'm sure you'll agree.

It's a free, free world

Don’t forget to go and update your team. You’ve got until 5pm UK time tomorrow, so you might want to wait until at least one Free Practice session has taken place. Then you can base your picks on actual facts, rather than just on a whim, like I do.

If you haven't signed up yet, it's not too late. Just visit this link, set up your new team and start choosing your drivers. It's free to register, and there's just the usual email requirements, nothing sinister.

If you feel confident enough to share, please enlighten us as to your choices in the comments, and feel free to ridicule me as much as you like.