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Everybody needs an #F1happyplace - After a disappointing start to the season, we focus on the good times

Published by Christine

Regardless of where you sit in the ongoing refuelling debate, it's fair to say that F1 is going through a tough time right now. Even if you think the Bahrain Grand Prix was fabulous, the general consensus seems to be F1 can offer more, and for it to be undergoing this backlash already is worrying. They normally wait until at least the summer before screwing everything up.

Anyway, I thought it was time to bring out the #f1happyplace, a hashtag used on Twitter to collect good thoughts and feelings about the sport. We needed this in 2009, when the politics overtook the racing. We need it in 2010 because... there wasn't any racing.

Here are some of the #f1happyplace entries I've seen flying by on Twitter:

  • @SauberRG: Ahh, #f1happyplace Bahrain GP 2008, Qualifying.
  • @lukehmuse: #f1happyplace A year ago... that sunday morning in Melbourne, 29th March... Jenson and Rubens on the top 2 steps of the podium <3
  • @RubberGoat: My #f1happyplace is making pretty graphs for my blog 'Making Up The Numbers':
  • @Lou_uk: #f1happyplace When Schumacher went marching grumpily into Toyota pits coz he just saw the red +thought it was his Ferrari garage. Ha!!!
  • @andonida: #f1happyplace Standing in the rain at Monza watching Sebastian Vettel take victory for Toro Rosso :)
  • @Markenzeichen: #f1happyplace Rubens's win in Valencia last year. I've got it on my iPod, for down days. :)
  • @kateatthemotel: An #f1happyplace: Germany 2009, and Mark Webber's first victory - that cathartic, joyful pit radio extract is still so wonderful to hear.
  • @Chrislee12: #f1happyplace Vettel winning at Silverstone
  • @jpancoast: My #f1happyplace is the @sidepodcast comment section.
  • @lookingspiffy: #f1happyplace 2 days after Massa's crash, I read the 3rd paragraph down in this forum post & shed quite a few tears:
  • @lacanta: My #f1happyplace: The week either side of 2009's August Bank Holiday (clue: the reasons are mostly Fisichella-related)
  • @enjard: #f1happyplace 2007, Fuji. Absolute bliss.
  • @TheFable: My #f1happyplace is Lewis winning in Hungary last year.
  • @robynmelbourne: #f1happyplace Webber's maiden pole/win in Germany last year. Epic drive that had me too excited to sleep after.
  • @TommyB89: #f1happyplace The whole weekend of Spa 2009 :D
  • @VioletPingu: my #f1happyplace was when Lewis got his first win of his career in Canada '07
  • @mrschristine: #f1happyplace Sitting on the track at Silverstone 07, after an incredible weekend.
  • @glhunt31: #f1happyplace Watching Damon Hill win at Silverstone in 94 from the grandstand opposite the pits (showing my age...).
  • @stephfarnsworth: #f1happyplace seeing Massa win the title (well I thought he did for a few seconds!)
  • @RocketRedhead: #f1happyplace Jenson's first podium in Malaysia 2004, in fact the whole season was really exciting!
  • @euis_t: #f1happyplace Looking for public spots around Marina Bay street circuit to watch FP1 in 2009. The sound, the smell, the sights = LOVE
  • @Booooothman: #f1happyplace Brawn GP's 1-2 in Oz last year; that sort of stuff is only shown in Disney films.
  • @thedementor: #f1happyplace being able to sneak away and watch the drivers parade. thanks to my vantage spot i could watch the procession twice. Happy <3
  • @anngilmour: My #f1happyplace - watching Nick Heidfeld's overtaking moves in a rain-soaked Spa 08 for 2nd place. And Bourdais crying over it.
  • @jpgdesign: #f1happyplace Monza 2006, Monaco 2007
  • @adamclarke501: #f1happyplace Brawn taking the 1-2 at the Oz GP
  • @toxicfusion: #f1happyplace Japan 2005 - Alonso overtakes Schumacher through 130R
  • @S_Rogers: #f1happyplace There's absolutely nothing like hearing all the engines at once, live and in person.
  • @FerrariNumber27: #f1happyplace San Marino 2005. Alonso states his intentions...
  • @allaboutf1: #f1happyplace the last few corners of Brazil 2008 - agony turning to ectasy
  • @motorsport_bts: My #f1happyplace - San Marino '05 - my friend got me a painting done of Alonso & Schumi battling that now hangs proudly on my wall =)
  • @4chords: #f1happyplace Button winning in Monaco in 2009, then proceeding to do the 'front straight of honour' after parking in the wrong place!
  • @chrisward77: #f1happyplace Last lap of Brazil 2008 and Mansell vs Senna at Monaco in 92
  • @thedanshires: #f1happyplace 2003 British Grand Prix
  • @dapperdansc: My #f1happyplace - taking my seat at Spoon's exit at Suzuka in '06 and cheering for Super Aguri with a quarter-million fans.
  • @F1Weekender: #f1happyplace Button crossing the line in Brazil '09 to win the WDC. Followed since F3 days, was a very special moment. Enough said!!!
  • @Twiger: #f1happyplace The Yas Marina Circuit
  • @Claudia_Writes: #f1happyplace October 13, 1996. Getting up ridiculously early in the morning to watch Damon Hill win the title.
  • @SportTradesTalk: #f1happyplace Johnny Herbert winning the 1999 European GP (i cried when he won the race) and the last lap of the 2008 season. Go Lewis!"
  • @IngrydLamas: my #f1happyplace is back to 2000, German GP, Barrichello's first victory. Think there's no need to say why... Beautiful win tough
  • @fumi905: #f1happyplace My apartment near the uni, 9th Oct 2005, and 27th to 31st 2009, around of me!
  • @trippruding: Tie for my #f1happyplace 1)2001 USGP (1st and only live F1 experience), 2) 2007 Brazil GP (most exciting ending I have ever seen)
  • @neil_in_france: My #f1happyplace has to be Damon overtaking Scumi at Hungary in the Arrows in '97 even thought ITV were on an adbreak at the time GRRRRRRRR!
  • @Half_way_there: #f1happyplace Alonso going around the outside of Schumacher in the 130R at Japan 2005
  • @felipe_leite: #f1happyplace Piquet vs Senna, Hungary '86 - my first F1 memory. I was 6 years old then.

I'll keep this updated as I see them, and we can forever use it as a reference and more importantly, a refuge. If you're not on Twitter, please feel free to leave your happy place in the comments.