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Everybody loves Monte Carlo - What is it that makes the principality so popular?

Published by Christine

You'll have noticed that here at Sidepodcast Towers we have not been very forgiving towards F1 of late. We've explained our reasons many times, and I am not about to do so again. I haven't watched either of the last two races and I don't feel an ounce of regret because of it. (Except maybe missing out on lots of Rob.)

Yet, even I am tempted to watch Monaco. I know it won't be a good racing spectacle, I know the pole sitter will most likely win, I know that I'm going to watch Massa bounce off those brand new high kerbs every single lap. But I still want to watch.

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What is it about Monaco that is so endearing?

For any other track that produces such predictable results (give or take the odd safety car), we would be calling for it to be removed off the calendar. There are other street circuits out there. There are plenty of other countries that can offer up rich and lavish surroundings. There's other places a celebrity can park their yacht. But there is something about Monaco, isn't there?

  • Is it because the narrow streets make it really clear what the drivers are up against?
  • Is it because of the tunnel?
  • Is it because Hamilton can bounce off the walls and still win it?
  • Is it because people can watch the race from roof-top swimming pools?

What is it for you?