Sidepodcast - All for F1 and F1 for all

Ever dream of being a radio DJ? - Get involved with 12 hours of loosely F1 related audio content

Published by Christine

A few weeks ago, RG came up with the idea of Sidepodradio in the comments. It was mentioned in jest, and some of the Sidepodcommunity came up with shows they'd like to do, tailored to their interests. Fast forward to now, and Sidepodradio is real, it's happening and we want you to be a part of it.

Not another Sidepod... show

Yes, sorry about that. Not content with providing more content than it is feasible to listen to, we are now going to go for an entire 12 hours on Sunday 2nd August. From 12pm UK time to midnight, we will be broadcasting various shows in half hour slots, and there will be plenty to listen to. The exact mechanics of the process are yet to be decided, but as a listener, all you have to do is show up to the Live Comments on Sunday and get listening.

Put that hairbrush away

Now, for the more adventurous out there, we need you. No longer do you have to stand in front of the mirror with a hairbrush, there are 24 half hour slots to fill and we want you to host them. The wiki is already filling up with great content, but there is still plenty of space for more. Have an idea for a radio show that you've always wanted to broadcast? Now is your chance. It doesn't even have to be specifically about F1. We're going for a Parade Lap feel, where F1 is always there, but doesn't have to be on the tip of our tongue.

The options are limitless as well. You can broadcast live with us on the day, or you can submit a pre-recorded show. You can take callers, play music, discuss whatever topics are on your mind. You can be on air with Mr C and myself, or you can fly solo. If you want technical help or advice, ask away.

A whole half hour

Say you don't want to commit to an entire show (and I'll be disappointed if you don't), there's space for you as well. Why not leave us a voicemail with a smooth transition that we can play between shows? Ever wanted to be like the callers on radio that say: "Every time I'm on the interwebs, I listen to Sidepodradio." Now you can. Call us on 0121 28 87225, and leave a quick thought for us to play.

Sidepodcast - hobby turned radio station

Calling it radio is perhaps a little misleading because we  aren't suddenly going to be hitting the FM airwaves or anything like that. Radio is expensive, the internet is less so. However, broadcasting for 12 hours will cost us a little more, something in the region of £120. We are therefore asking for donations, however big or small, to put towards the cause. There's a paypal donate button on the right hand side of the homepage. If we go over our total, the rest of the money will go to an as yet undecided charity.

So, there you have it. That's what we know so far, and in our usual chaotic and spontaneous fashion, it will all come together at the last minute. However, if you have any questions or thoughts, leave them in the comments or email me: christine at sidepodcast dot com.