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European GP, the podium in poetry - All the action from Valencia, in rhyme

Published by Ernie Black

The race in Valencia this weekend provided frantic action from lights to flag, providing barely a moment to catch one's breath. What better way then, to sum up the unexpected finishing order than with a relaxing rhyme from resident poet Ernie.

Kimi, Fernando and Michael on the Valencia podium

Here's a podium review
Of the European GP
For Sidepodcast readers
Through poetry

Sit yourself down
With a spot of tea
Have a scone and a crumpet
Then grab one for me

T'was the tale of a Bull
A Red Bull you see
Which moved rather fast
And quite steadily

Vettel snagged Pole
Quite easily
Three tenths quicker
Than McLaren's Hami

He scampered away
As we all could see
Off in the distance
Is where he'd be

Winning this race
He would not be
As he ended the day
A Retiree

Romain followed Seb
Parking his car

This opened the door
To Victory
For Fernando Alonso

Second for Kimi
And third for Schumi
Who were overjoyed

The most exciting race
Quite easily
With crashes and passes
And a car for safety

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Then thank Christine Blachford
And Mr. C