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Episode 97 - It's better than silence, cos silence is bad - Thoughts on the differences and arguments between FIA and FOTA

Published by Christine

Episode 97 - It's better than silence, cos silence is bad audio waveform

This week we distract ourselves from the anticipation with talk of the beginnings of an FIA/FOTA war, a final testing update, and that long-awaited predictions montage.


We got a shoutout during Sebring, which made it great, even though it didn't work out for Franck.

Good week / Bad week

It's a good week for KERs and for naming street corners, but a bad week for Brawn GP at the wrong end of the pitlane, and Jean Todt who didn't get to have any cake.

News and views

McLaren seem to have picked the pace up slightly, and Charlie Whiting is starting to put his foot down. Meanwhile, FOTA and the FIA look as though they might be starting a war. There is definitely something simmering.

Fantasy Racers

A few stats before we get the season started, such as which countries are popular, which drivers are being chosen a lot, who I have chosen, and how much they all cost. We also take a quick look at the leagues - and find out which one I am top of!


The 2009 Australia Predictions Montage.


Mr C is now a published photographer, with our thanks going out to Racecar Engineering for making his day. There are F1 Digest previews in the works, if you have missed them, and we will let you know the schedule for the race weekend as soon as we can.