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Episode 96 - We just don't have a clue, and that's good - Early thoughts on the pace of cars, what can be gleaned from testing

Published by Christine

Episode 96 - We just don't have a clue, and that's good audio waveform

This week we discuss the astonishing comeback of the team now known as Brawn GP, evaluate some reccent testing news, and wrap up the Fantasy Racers roll call.


The countdown begins, and we just get busier.

Good week / Bad week

It's been a good week for Panasonic as Toyota love them, and Brendan Hartley gets a job. It's been a bad week for the Mark Webber Challenge as it's off the cards for 2009, but France are trying to get back on for 2011.

News and views

Brawn GP look amazingly fast, Ferrari worry about their reliability, and Toro Rosso barely make it out of the box. Meanwhile, several teams choose not to ride aboard Bernie's plane, and we ponder the economics of that.

Fantasy Racers

The final roll call is complete, but don't feel like you can't join. Plenty of people signed up at the last minute, and even during the season last year, and they still managed to beat me.


Two voicemails, one of which includes a great Tremayne - well done Nigel! Also, several emails, with excitement, matchmaking, HD and good looks all on the agenda.


We were honoured to talk to Joe on Sunday, so make sure you listen to that show if you haven't already. Plus, we decide that Sebring should be called Le Seb Ring, but either way we're live commenting it next weekend.