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Episode 94 - Not so much flying, more drinking - A review of the new liveries and Bridgestone's paint colour choices

Published by Christine

Episode 94 - Not so much flying, more drinking audio waveform

There's more KERS talk, but this is much less geeky than the last Debrief. We also discuss the good, bad and ugly of paint jobs (mostly ugly), and what to expect over the next few weeks from Sidepodcast.


Just one month to go now, how exciting is that? The off season seems to have been just the right length.

Good week / Bad week

Good week for USF1 with their official announcement, although what the future holds is uncertain. Also a good week for Red Bull and their super-secret test. Bad week for Williams, and the BBC, as both lose integral parts of their organisation.

News and views

Some new paint jobs to look at - not so fond of the bright blue Williams, but prefer the non-gold Force India to it's predecessor. We also rip into the Bridgestone tyres because green just shouldn't be seen, not in this context anyway. Finally, we cover the main points from the KERS lecture in London this past week (thanks to Alex for summarising).

Fantasy Racers

Another roll call, we have surpassed last year's total by an awesome amount, and are looking forward to the last roll call in two week's time. If you haven't set up your team yet, do it now otherwise you will miss out on being included on the list. You can still play, though, of course.


Your Call is no longer, but Feedback is, well, back. We've got some thoughts on Formula 1 in HD, plus whether the BBC are providing us with what we want yet. There's also a stunning email from a certain Mr Tremayne.


It's all about fun and games in Sidepodcast Towers at the moment. We're enjoying the Pitlane Fanatic quiz, Gavin wants to beat us at Mario Kart, and Batracer is about to kick off again.