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Episode 93 - KERS for 5 year olds - A difficult but enlightening discussion on the new energy recovery technology

Published by Christine

Episode 93 - KERS for 5 year olds audio waveform

We delve into the murky depths of the new KERS technology, geeking out with talk of capacitors, electro-mechanics, and six degrees of separation. Oh, and Bourdais gets a mention (or two) as well.


We couldn't bring you a show last week, as we were at a secret location, and we can't tell you that much this week, because it was a secret location!

Good week / Bad week

Good week for Bourdais, Stepney and Coughlan as they can all return to Formula 1 in 2009, but it's a bad week for the superlicence debate, and testing in the European climate.

News and views

We take a whistlestop tour through the many things Max mentioned over his journalists only lunch, including cost cutting, standing for president again, and the future of the British GP. We also discuss the merits of USF1 and try and work out what is fact and what is rumour.


We were invited to a talk about KERS by listener Bob, and we learnt an awful lot, although the exact details should be kept hush hush. We take a look at the basics of KERS with the help of Vettel, talk about the different types available, and those we might see developed in the future, and we look at which circuits the device will suit best.

Fantasy Racers

We now have as many people joined up to the league as we finished the season with last year, and the racing hasn't even got going yet. Another roll call, and another plea for all to join up, as we will be discussing it a lot this year.

Your call

An email arrived from Nigel celebrating the return of Bourdais if only because it makes a certain podcaster particularly happy. We hear from Scott, Alex, Gavin, R.G and Steven about varying subjects from KERS, to USF1, to FOM's on-screen graphics, troubles at Croft Circuit, and carbon fibre.


We trialled the new F1 Big Picture over on F1Minute and think it has been a reasonable success, so it will continue. We plug the Mark Webber Forum, encourage you guys to vote in the Character Cup, and visit the wiki to sign up on the Listener Map.