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Episode 91 - It's all lovely and cuddly - Catching up with all the Honda news, plus a trip to Autosport International

Published by Christine

Episode 91 - It's all lovely and cuddly audio waveform

This bumper post-New Year show runs through all the latest news and launches, catches up with the latest Sidepodtour events, and features a record number of calls.


We're back, and most likely, we've forgotten how to do this. Hope we kept you entertained whilst the live show was off air though.

Good week / Bad week

It's been a good week for Red Bull drivers, as Buemi is confirmed at STR, and Webber is all set to get back in the car. Meanwhile, Davidson is having a rough week revealing all about Honda, and Massa is worrying about numbers.

News and views

We discuss the latest updates in the ongoing Honda saga, particularly Nick Fry's involvement. We also take a look at Donington Park now they've got the planning permission they so craved, and of course, we run through the three launches - Ferrari, Toyota and McLaren.


The Sidepodtour took us to Autosport International but we weren't particularly impressed with what we saw. Very little in the way of Formula 1 involvement, and it looks like the credit crunch is hitting hard.

Fantasy Racers

We tell you how to join up, plus indulge in our annual shout out to everyone who has signed up for a team already. If you haven't, get signed up now and we can shout you out on the next show.

Your Call

The new segment that replaces Feedback features a record number of Skype callers: Alex, Scott, RG< Steven Roy, Alex (again), Lukeh, Jeremy and Andy. Plus, there's an email from Keith the Marshal, we talk about the awards, and focus on the Facebook group.