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Episode 89 - 2008 in audio - The best of Sidepodcast's year in podcasting with highs and lows from 2008

Published by Christine

Episode 89 - 2008 in audio audio waveform

Our end of year wrap up continues with a whistle stop tour through 2008, featuring some of the highs and lows of the years. We check in with some of our interviewees and guests - the real stars of the show.

Stay tuned for those uncanny moments where our predictions turn out horribly wrong, and our confidence in our opinions turns out to be ridiculous in hindsight. We do get things right sometimes, though, and we celebrate all moments equally.

Music played:

  • Cruelty Free, Looking Backwards
  • Sunspot, Summer Day
  • Adrienne Pierce, One Perfect Day
  • Five Second Rule, Snapshots

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