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Episode 87 - 2008 Sidepoddie Awards - Our annual awards ceremony celebrates the best and worst of F1 2008

Published by Christine

Episode 87 - 2008 Sidepoddie Awards audio waveform

Wrapping up the year the best way we know how, with a collection of bizarre and not altogether meaningful awards from Sidepodcast. We also discuss the latest addition to the Sidepodtour, and there's a special Christmas treat for those listening to the end of the show.


It's a Sidepodparty - Drink!

Good week / Bad week

We turn the tables on our listeners, and find out why it's a good week for both Lou and R.G, but not so good for Dank and Scott.


The Sidepoddie Awards enter their second year, and become an annual tradition at Sidepodcast Towers, with a packed schedule of Best Accessory, Best Animal, and the Juan Pablo Montoya Award for Worst Injury Outside of a Formula One Car. The nominees and winners are about as good as the titles themselves.


We took the next step of the Sidepodtour and turned up to the Williams Headquarters in Grove. Unfortunately there was no tour of the engineering works itself, but a simple peek at the Grand Prix Collection and Trophy room. Nevertheless, there was plenty to see and learn, with an impromptu visit from Sir Frank himself, an opportunity to shop, and a brand new love interest.