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Episode 86 - Force Honda A team - An emergency show with reaction to Honda's shock exit from Formula One

Published by Christine

Episode 86 - Force Honda A team audio waveform

A quick dash through all the questions that Honda's exit from the sport has raised, including why, where the drivers will go, what implications it has on the other teams, and what's changed about the standard engines.


It's an emergency show, despite our assurances that we'd be taking a week off.

Bad week / Bad week

It's been one of those weeks - Credit Suisse, Hockenheim, Pantano and fans of big launches (yes, them again) are all suffering.

News and views

No prizes for guessing the main topic of conversation this week, it's all about Honda. Why did they leave? Who had the scoop first? What does it all mean? We try and look into these questions, as well as looking at what the various members of the team could do next, and who might also be about ready for the chop. Plus, of course, Max saw it all happening and had just the right letter for the job.


We visited Paris this weekend, and actually saw more than we bargained for due to our inability to print out an actual map. Nevertheless, we got to see the FIA Headquarters in all it's glory. Also, don't forget to send in your audio season reviews via Skype (0121 28 87225) or email (christine at