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Episode 85 - Burying his own news - A tour of the Red Bull factory, plus the lineup for BBC's 2009 F1 coverage

Published by Christine

Episode 85 - Burying his own news audio waveform

This week we take a tour round the Red Bull factory but not before we've examined the news, including Bernie's wheelings and dealings, and the BBC line up.


It's nice to have some downtime in the off-season, with no politics!

Good week / Bad week

Good week for Sébastien Buemi and Mark Webber. The first is almost guaranteed a job, and the second is optimistic about recovery. Bad week for Williams and fans of big launches. The first might lose Rosberg if they don't pull their socks up, and the second won't like what Toyota are planning.

News and views

We investigate the LG deal in much closer detail, and hear an excerpt from a certain Jake Humphrey. Then we find out who Mr Humphrey is and why he has the BBC credentials to anchor their 2009 lineup. Also, someone toured the Red Bull factory.


A great, and long, email from dp letting us know who he supports and why, plus a catchup of the Force India comments we made last week.


Williams fan club need to rethink their accounting strategy, Fantasy Racers could soon feature Sidepodland, and there's an argument brewing over the F1 Minute feed.