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Episode 84 - What we need to do is get in the cockpit - Topics on this show include Mark Webber's broken leg and Force India's news

Published by Christine

Episode 84 - What we need to do is get in the cockpit audio waveform

A catchup with all that's happened since the Brazilian showdown, this episode of the Debrief takes in yet more Red Bull misfortune, that Toro Rosso shoot-out and what is going on in France.


We got a bit carried away with Sidepodpanel, but F1 Debrief is back!

Good week / Bad week

Good week for Martin Brundle who has a job, and Sébastien Loeb who thinks he could have had one if he wanted. Bad week for the Red Bulletin and the current points system.

News and views

We look at Red Bull news which features the constant bad luck of Mark Webber. Now with a broken leg, he's going to miss out on some serious winter testing, but how much will that harm him? We also cover Force India news and ponder their McLaren B team status. Then it's time to think about what we saw in Barcelona testing, and finally take a look at what havoc Bernie is creating on the calendar now.


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