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Episode 82 - I'll talk to the Queen about one of those OBE things - A review of the decisions from FIA and FOTA, plus next year's entry list

Published by Christine

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A whistle-stop tour through all the news and feedback that's occurred following on from China and ahead of the season finale Brazilian Grand Prix.


There's no such thing as an off-season in the Sidepodcast World.

Good week / Bad week

Good week for circuits, as Portugal will be hosting a test in December, and the Montreal officials believe they may be back on track to getting on the 2009 calendar. Bad week for Nigel Stepney as he's in the news again, and for Ferrari because who likes bikes anyway?

News and views

The FIA and FOTA got together to make lots of decisions and came up with two. We discuss the promise and pitfalls of all that engine business. We also take a look at what seats are left for the many drivers that want to get into Formula 1 next season, and whether Bourdais might have his seat for certain.


We have a brilliant voicemail from Peter Restaino, which we saved especially for this show, and he brings up a couple of discussion points. Two emails this week, one from James with pictures and stories from China, and one from Scott who's starting the trash talk early.


We've set up our own live server, which was a rushed job but done well so far, it seems. We also talk about what we're doing ahead of Brazil, and briefly cover our predictions for the race.