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Episode 79 - A certain team fluffed a certain pitstop - Our thoughts on the first Formula One night race, the Singapore GP

Published by Christine

Episode 79 - A certain team fluffed a certain pitstop audio waveform

The anticipation for Formula 1's first ever night race has been building since Singapore was announced. Now we rake over all that happened, take a couple of calls, and get feedback from the circuit.


Doing a show on a full stomach may just calm the hyperactivity.

Good week / Bad week

A good week for David Croft and Richard Cregan who have both secured jobs, but a bad week for, well, everyone.


So many incidents, which highlighted issues with the marshals and intrigue about the safety barriers. Also, we discuss Trulli driving the wrong way round the track, and why Ferrari's can't turn circles.

The race

It was a brilliant race, there's no disguising the fact. We look at who did well, who was anonymous, and who throws like a girl. Plus, we hear from a couple of callers, and get two voicemails from trackside.


Two emails, one with some fantastic Singapore stats, the other about F1 on the internet, leading to some discussion of embedding video.