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Episode 78 - He looks like Mr Potato Head - A testing recap, news from the past week, plus the first ever Sidepodquiz

Published by Christine

Episode 78 - He looks like Mr Potato Head audio waveform

It feels like ages since we had a non-race weekend, and thankfully there was some testing, otherwise we would have had no news to discuss. However, we find other quiz-shaped ways of filling our time.


There's a significant reason he wants to try doing the show with shoes on his hands.

Good week / Bad week

It's a good week for Heikki Kovalainen as his boss has given him a public pep-talk, and a good week for relationships between teams. It's been a double bad week for Bernie, as Formula 2 begins to take shape, and Lehmen Brothers bankruptcy complicates things.

News and views

A catchup with the action from Jerez, Mugello and Fiorano. Young drivers get a go in the car, we see some live KERS action, with scary results, a conspiracy theory forms regarding Bourdais, and Bridgestone choose pink.


An introduction to, and our very first pilot edition of, Sidepodquiz - the Formula 1 quiz. Taking part this week is Ollie from BlogF1.


A Facebook game, plus some great status updates from Peter. This week I had some brilliant emails with lots of lovely pictures, including some of Mr Franck Montagny. More please.


The archives are there if you want them... but don't.