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Episode 76 - I think the fans deserve more than that - All the action from the Belgian Grand Prix, including penalty analysis

Published by Christine

Episode 76 - I think the fans deserve more than that audio waveform

In which we discuss all manner of important things, such as ride on lawnmowers, marker pens, and chocolate ice cream. Oh, and that Belgium penalty business is analysed by us and some guests.


We will talk about it but before we get to the thing on everyone's minds we have to look back a bit first.

Good week / Bad week

It's both a good and bad week for Bridgestone as they seem to have plans for the future, as long as they only involve white. Williams have got their grass-cutting measures sorted, whilst we're worried about the Irish in F1.

News and views

Ted Kravitz said it first when he realised there would be a problem regarding the close proximity of Donington Park to the airport. In happier news, Ron Dennis supports charity, and fishing.


Räikkönen keeps getting fined, but it might not have been his fault this time. Alonso had a good day, but not quite as good as Hamilton... or Bourdais. Also, why do Force India have such poor performance when they've got a Ferrari engine bolted in the back?

The race

We discuss the pre-rain merits of the race, including the first lap corner and spins, plus tyre decisions and poor, lonely Piquet. Then we discuss the inevitable, the event that everyone wants to hear about. We also get four guests in on the act, Journeyer, Jordan, Steven and Scott all have an opinion on the subject as well.


Lots of lovely emails this week. Nigel joins the league in 18th, Dan finishes 20th, Keith needs a new camera, Drew needs to send me some mail, and Carlos and R.G. discuss the relative performance of TV Coverage in Mexico and Portugal.


Parade Lap was so much fun that we're going to have to do it again, this time next week.