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Episode 75 - Just listening to your talky thing-a-ma-gig - More testing at Monza, and the future of Force India's drivers

Published by Christine

Episode 75 - Just listening to your talky thing-a-ma-gig audio waveform

The second week in a row in which we feature a guest, and this time there's some insight into turning old technologies into the future.


There's this new idea about gathering together news stories and separating them into those that have been good and those that have been bad. Where have we heard that before?

Good week / Bad week

Good week for Ferrari and Takuma Sato as they're both sorting out their drives for next year, but a bad week for Nürburgring and Valencia as the organisers have some work to do.

News and views

A quick catchup of testing this week at Monza, which Renault's determination to go slowly whatever the costs, and Force India possibly evaluating their drivers. We talk to Scott Woodwiss about his thoughts on this season compared to others, the regulation changes, and how F1 can get back to America.

Prost questionnaire

Thanks to Alex Andronov, our guest from last week, we have a new feature for guests in which they are subjected to ten quick-fire questions.


A voicemail from Shaun, some more You Know You're an F1 Fan... entries, and TV coverage in Mexico.


With a brand new Sunday show on the way, this one becomes F1 Debrief, and look forward to The Parade Lap next weekend.